Hi, I'm Savannah

About me and my tutoring

Potentially my finest (or maybe worst) quality is that I'm totally disappointed with my very own knowledge.

This may be the reason I've revealed a specific skill for mathematics and also physics. Merely knowing is never ever sufficient for me; I should at least try to carefully understand the reasoning behind the mathematics I do, and after that, take my expertise to its restrictions. Profusely asking why something is the way it is, maybe to the inconvenience of my lecturers, is something I'm obliged to do. I, along with many others, consider this Socratic technique of discovering as well as teaching to be unbelievably valuable in building a basic understanding of maths and physics from standard principles, as well as I endeavour to educate in precisely this manner.

I hope I could encourage students with my intense love of mathematics and physics or, at the minimum, expose the topics as far much less overwhelming compared to they appear. Normally not everyone is a mathematician, and different minds discover at various rates, nevertheless I will certainly intend to leave a long lasting and advantageous perception.